Life is like a balloon. Fill it too much and it will go bang.

Instead of adding more and more stress.

Instead of saying, “I’m fine.” “It’s okay.” “Alright.”

STOP. That’s just putting more in. With no out.  And we all know what’s gonna happen next – right? …

Instead, notice.

Instead, be aware.

And say, “Help.” “No more.” “Stop.”

Let the stress out. Until you’re comfortable again.

Anxiety is a messenger. Learn to notice the signs. 

Our amazing bodies are perfectly calibrated to breathe in, and to breathe out. All in balance and  harmony. It’s easy. It’s natural. And it’s just what we do. Breath is the first sign of life and the last thing to leave us. 

It’s our guide. Our normal, natural rhythm of breathing that returns to us when we’re feeling good. It slows. It deepens. We fall back into our natural rhythm. There’s no stress on us and that allows our bodies to reset, relax and return to our balance. 

Then stress catches us. We find ourselves caught in overwhelm. Bending to expectations that are not our own, and making decisions we are uncertain about; changing the balance of our breath. Instead of the relaxed reset that serves our bodies, we take a shallow breath. It’s not as deep and the oxygen doesn’t circle as well as it could. Then we breathe again, and it’s that same, small amount of shallow. So we follow up with another quick breath. All the shallow breathing and the rushing makes us feel like we’ve run a marathon, some mornings before we even leave the house. 

Overwhelm grows our anxiety. Our anxiety changes our breathing. Our breathing changes our life. 

Slowly stress has expanded and we can no longer reach our expectations. Despite doing more, being more, living more nothing seems to satisfy. Life is simply too much. 

And we fall flat.

The balloon explodes and we, or the ones who love us, are left to pick up the pieces. 

Questioning mental health is awesome. It shows you’re human. It shows you’re aware. 

And when you notice something is off, it’s not quite right, there’s a problem … then you’re in front. You can do something about it. 

Instead of adding to the stress, you get to open the valve and let it out.

And let it go.

Deflate the balloon before it goes BANG.

If you, or a family member, is overwhelmed with life and anxiety is their messenger, reach out. Book in for a one-to-one coaching session with me and make a plan to manage that overwhelm. And breathe again.