Kia ora, I’m Melanie

I get it, change is hard

It wasn’t until I understood I was the solution my teenager needed, that things began to change for all of us.

Every adolescent needs an informed and empowered parent.

And every parent needs someone to empathise with them while experiencing this. It is an incredibly scary time when you think you’re losing your child.

Having someone to talk to, who knew what I was going through, would have made life that little bit easier.

Thankfully today my daughter is living her best young adult life. It was an enormously steep learning curve that taught us so much as we cried together and laughed together.

Every day I am in awe of the power of my gorgeous family and the love we share.  

New beginnings have been our way forward. 


Good Relationships are Priceless

Adolescence is an opportunity for growth, learning, and deepening your relationship with your child.

The things we learned inspired me to start my coaching business.

Connect with me and I will share tools that I learned on how to be the parent your child needs during adolescence.

Book an online coaching session or book me for a workshop that will educate your management team on the best communication practices they can use.