We’re all so busy, rushing around and getting things done. Judging ourselves for being efficient and productive, or not. And rushing past the moments that give us connection. 

It’s more than the experiences you have together. Connection is bigger than that.

Connection hides in the things you say, and don’t say. It’s between the words waiting to be acknowledged. And the silences you share. 

You find connection at the dinner table. It’s shared in an ice cream cone, the menus you plan and the conversations you have. 

It’s in the holidays you take, the places you visit and the people you catch up with. You find connection in your down time. Those moments when you’re being. 

Connection sounds like ‘we’ and ‘us’. It shows up in the shared glances, the jokes and the moments. The strongest connections are the ones that pull us together, creating memories and keeping us strong. They are the glue.

The trick about connection is that it notes our busyness as a way of being and adjusts itself accordingly. It’s always with us. An essential, living and breathing part of our lives that keeps us moving forwards through the challenges we face. 

Connection to ourselves is as important as connection to others. That shows up when we’re being. Being all of us. Connected to ourselves and connecting to others. Easily. Walls down. Hearts open. Being open, being vulnerable, being ourselves. 

How is your connection with your adolescent? Parenting an adolescent is easily the hardest job in the world and connection is what gets you through. Check out Teen Talk, the online course that teaches you how to talk so your adolescent listens, and listen when your adolescent talks. 

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We’re human beings, not human doings. Stop. Be unbusy and let connections grow.