By now you will have heard me talking about boundaries for a while. 

I’m hoping that my views on the subject will have inspired you to: 

  1. Review the boundaries you currently have in place
  2. Chuck out the ones you don’t need
  3. Bring in some boundaries you find useful

Most of all though I just hope you’ve started making a few tweaks and changes to the way things happen in your life. 

There’s nothing like an undercurrent of disappointment to turn a peachy life bitter. 

The Law of G.O.Y.A.

As an antidote to overwhelm, disappointment and bitterness I’d like to offer you some wisdom from the law of GOYA. 

It’s an acronym.

And it stands for:





If it needs addressing, discuss it.

If something needs changing, do it. 

Your life is important. It counts. So get out there and live it like you’re meant to.

If you find yourself waiting for other people. If you’re saying bad words like, “should,” “must” and “have to” then you have an opportunity. 

What you make of that opportunity is entirely up to you. 

Reach out and connect with me here because having a coach to get you through the things you choose to change will reflect directly on your results.