What’s going to unfold is what’s going to unfold. It will happen as it happens.

Think about your bubble and how you can make the next few days/weeks memorable in the best way. 

Lockdown is a time of change without the planning or the expense. It’s bonus time with my adolescents, and it’s bonus time for my adolescents to have with each other.

No matter what we’re facing, we are in this together. The more we can connect with each other  in the small moments, the better. Lockdown is upping our time and our connection points. I’m relaxed. And my adolescents are following my lead.

Of course I have worries spinning around. The trick is, I’m deliberately choosing NOT to let them run me. 

Here’s my top 7 priorities that keep my fuel tank topped up.

  1. Be calm, grounded and present.
  2. Make time to chat and connect with love.
  3. If it’s immediately important, deal with it. If it’s not immediately important, let it go.
  4. Eat mainly wholefoods. Be mindful.
  5. Drink lots of water.
  6. Move my body enough to make me puff – everyday.
  7. Talk to the people outside my bubble who I care about. We’ve got them, and they’ve got us.

Thinking back a week ago, lockdown wasn’t on my radar. Who knows what we’ll be facing in another week. What happens, happens.

I’m choosing to live in the now and enjoying the extra time with my family. Connecting. Loving. Relaxing. Talking. 

Reach out for coaching to support yourself through this time. As the parent of your house you set the tone for your family. Your coaching work becomes a gift that ripples out to your children. 

Credit for the visual image to Maimoa Creative