You want to be the solution for your teenager

But first

you have to be the solution for yourself

Honestly, why do we think we’ve ‘got this’ when it’s our precious rangatahi we’re supporting? 

Parenting is hard work, and the more prepared we can be the better it is for everyone. 


“The strongest, most protective factor a young person can have is the love and care of their family.”

                                                                Sir Mason Drury

Where does your tween, teen or adolescent look to receive aroha and manaaki from outside of your whānau?

Does this sit well with you?


From infancy our rangatahi have been observing our living habits: diet, sleep, exercise, water consumption, alcohol or drug use.

As they begin consciously looking for answers to create their identity, it’s their turn to either copy these living habits

or push back against these living habits.

The other things they copy are our speech patterns, our behaviours, and our attitudes!

After all, they’ve been observing us all their lives.

As our rangatahi grow they will move into their adulthood using these identical skills.

Our children are our mirrors.

If you don’t like what you see reflected there, it’s time to be effective and proactive.

Change only needs one person to start it.

Are you the one person who cares enough to turn your family around, creating change that ripples down through the generations?


This coaching is not for you, if you are looking for someone to, “fix my child.”

I remember looking for a magic wand … the perfect combination of (insert latest guess) … only to have it not work like I thought it ‘should.’

The changes I so desperately sought didn’t arrive until I was strong enough to trust my daughter to heal herself.

To let go.

To allow.

And to watch her take the next step.

Was it scary?

Oh yes. It was very scary.

Was it my healing to do?

No. It was hers.

My job was to guide her, to help her if she was struggling.

And to hold her hope.

Her job was to get better.

To heal.

As she chose to live her best life.


There’s a fine line between supporting your young person through a difficult time and empowering them to stay there. 


Which side of the line are you on?


We are the leaders of our families. 


Our teens need us to be their parents.


Here’s the Truth: When you Change, Your Family Will Change too.

Standing in your truth. 

Brave enough to be your authentic self.

That makes the difference. 

Introduction to Coaching

Get coaching to be the unique individual you know you can be.

The one with energy, organisation, and love.

Invest in a bundle of 4, hour-long coaching sessions .

Dive into your limiting beliefs and blocks, and the values and beliefs that underpin everything.

Find your beginning. 

The grass is always greenest where you water it. 


Create a Personalised Package

A one-off complete coaching package, for a block of time that suits you, designed to meet YOUR specific needs, the needs of your adolescents, and your family.

Share the sessions with family members as required and embed  the changes you want to achieve.

Receive complimentary access to ‘Teen Talk’ and ‘A2D Boot Camp’ to suppliment the coaching.


Powerful Parenting

A year’s commitment to personal and parenting growth.

Meeting your parenting needs as your children grow from tween to teen, to adolescent.

Learn together as you absorb and process new information and a wider way of looking at the world.

Take on the challenges that you’ll meet with awareness, knowledge, and understanding.

Monthly modules, meetings and on-line access.


Kia ora, I’m Melanie, and I’m here to tell you it’s not only possible, but it’s also what I coach parents like you to do. 

As a family success coach, I’ve coached so many successful parents like you who are amazing at what they do for work but feel disconnected from themselves and their lives.

So many parents I work with share the same secret limiting beliefs:

🖤 I’m not a good parent or partner

🖤 I wish I was more patient with my family

🖤 I never feel good enough no matter how much I do and achieve

🖤 I don’t believe I’m as good as people tell me I am

🖤 I never have time for myself

🖤 I’m glad people don’t know the ‘real me.’


But the good news is … when you understand what’s going on YOU get to decide how to change it. YOU get to design the life you want. 


Are you stuck?

Is Life Holding you Back?

Once upon a time you had plans. And sure, the plans have changed. That’s not so bad. What’s hardest is now, something outside of your control is holding you back. 

It’s not you. It’s your circumstance. And how you’re letting it define you. 

When life’s challenges have you stuck it’s uncomfortable. It’s draining. It’s frustrating. 

I say, “F**k the Stuck.” 

It’s your time and you’re ready to make some changes.

No more waiting … for the kids to grow up, to get a better job, to have the house to yourself, for your partner to retire … the time for change is now. 

It’s time to take those entrenched habits and swap them out for something that serves you better. To be the person you always thought you’d be. Living the life you always thought you’d live. 

You’ve got one life. It’s precious. 

Take your first step to change today. 

And you know what to tell the stuck. 

Looking for a Better Way?

This coaching is for you if you are yearning for 






It is your work to be whole, and that is where coaching with Melanie weaves its magic.

Giving you space to examine your ‘stuff’

Safe in the container of a

Warm-Hearted, Open, Loving Embrace.

So you too can be WHOLE.

Right now we are all living in stormy seas.

Together we can navigate a path that is peaceful.

Changing the outcome for you.

For your rangatahi.

For your whānau.

For generations to come.