You want to be the solution for your teenager

But first

you have to be the solution for yourself


You’re a successful parent,

but … deep down inside you’re just not feeling it. 

Even though it looks like you have it all, your big secret that you won’t admit to anyone is that you’re not happy. Inside you are falling apart.

Does that sound familiar? 

undecided On most days you feel frazzled and anxious.

cry You feel uncomfortable with the relationships you have with your family.

frown You take on too much because it’s just easier to “Do it yourself.”

undecided You lose your temper with your kids.

cry You get triggered by random crap.

frown You are hustling and working hard and still feel like you never achieve what you truly want.

If that’s you, stop for a moment and ask yourself this question: “How long can you keep going like this?” 

Just imagine doing less, achieving more, and doing it while feeling relaxed and inspired? Think about the impact that will have on your relationships, and especially on the relationships that really count.

Every year I pick a guiding word, and in 2022 my word is THRIVE.

Here’s what THRIVE means for me:

T = Time

Prioritising the things that bring me joy

H = Health

Choosing wellness, instead of having to make room for illness.

R = Relationships

Beginning with the most important one; the relationship I have with myself.

I = Inspirational

Lighting up the lives of those I love.

V = Vitality

When I feel amazing inside, I look amazing on the outside too.

E = Energy

Creating enough energy for the things that matter.

THRIVE: Not just for me, for you too. 


Here’s the Truth: When you Change, Your Family Will Change too.

So, when will you be ready for change?


When will you be ready to let that “stuff” go, once and for all? 


To feel really good, you need to reprogram from the inside out.

With my guidance, you will step into clarity, learn how to become consistent with habits, and tap into your unlimited energy and internal motivation so you can thrive in your personal life. 


And when your personal life thrives, so does everything else.

Clarity Call

Get coaching to be the unique individual you know you can be.

The one with energy, organisation, and love. 

Invest 90 minutes examining your limiting beliefs and blocks. And the values and beliefs that underpin everything.

Receive a written action plan based on our session, giving you the clarity that moves you forward with aroha. 

Create a Personalised Package

A custom-designed coaching package to meet your specific needs, the needs of your adolescents, and your family.

Choose from a range of coaching hours to suit your needs and your budget.

A one-off complete package, or a more flexible coaching card option that lets you share the sessions with family members as required.

Parent Club

A ten-year commitment to personal and parenting growth.

Meeting your parenting needs as your children grow from tween to teen, to adolescent. 

Learn together as you absorb and process new information and a wider way of looking at the world.

Take on the challenges that you’ll meet with awareness, knowledge and understanding. 


Hi, I’m Melanie, and I’m here to tell you it’s not only possible, but it’s also what I help mums like you to do. 
As a family success coach, I’ve coached so many successful parents like you who are amazing at what they do for work but feel disconnected from themselves and their lives.
So many parents I work with share the same secret limiting beliefs:
🖤 I’m not a good parent or partner
🖤 I wish I was more patient with my family
🖤 I never feel good enough no matter how much I do and achieve
🖤 I don’t believe I’m as good as people tell me I am
🖤 I never have time for myself
🖤 I’m glad people don’t know the ‘real me.’




But the good news is … when you understand what’s going on YOU get to decide how to change it. YOU get to design the life you want.