Calling all anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated parents

You love your family, you want the best for them

And now they’re growing up and you realise they actually need you more than they did when they were little.

Your role as a parent has changed.


We are all learning and growing.

The problem is, how you parented them kept them safe, while they were your responsibility. It worked.

Until it didn’t.

Now you need a new approach. One that lets you BE the parent they will turn to.

For support.

For guidance.

As your young people move out of your immediate zone of responsibility and step into the growing zones of their responsibility, be their guide.

You love your kids. You’ll always be their parent.

But …

The thing that’s missing is you.

The ‘you’ you haven’t connected with for a while.

The ‘you’ that’s crying out to be seen, to be heard, to be acknowledged.  

And suddenly, it feels as if you’re grasping at straws. 

Your adolescent’s crisis has somehow just become your crisis. And a whole lot of things are going to topple.

It’s interesting that the things that our teens trigger us on are often the things we most need to deal with.

The things we’ve stuffed down over the years, promising ourselves we’ll deal with them later.

It’s time to wake up. It’s time to be the person who makes the difference you want to see in your family.

The one with energy, boundaries, and love.

The person who recognises, understands, and owns the values and beliefs that underpin their everything.

The parent who is ready to grow a relationship with their rangatahi that is based on trust, respect and love.

A relationship that will grow and deepen as your children move through their tweens to their teens, and into adolescence and adulthood.

A relationship where you are the support your rangatahi turn to when they have challenges they are dealing with.

Because they know they can rely on you to guide them to find the answers they want. 

It’s time for you to step into being the parent they need you to be. 

Get coaching to be the unique individual you know you can be.

Sign up to an introductory package of 4 sessions, giving you the clarity to move you forward. 

It’s time for you to get out of ‘stuck.’ 

Seeing it all out of your head gives you the opportunity to have a fresh look. 

From clarity comes action. And when you begin to change, your family will change too. 

Coaching with Melanie had a positive impact on me as I was able to reflect on my communication roadblocks during the sessions, and how I had changed over time. I was able to identify areas I can work on to assist my child to develop her own coping strategies and resilience.

The coaching helped me to feel more empowered to cope with my child’s anxiety and to feel that my instinctual way of responding and communicating was grounded in useful strategies, and that I could build on these.

S. Baker