Your journey is yours

Design Your Unique Package

A custom-designed coaching package to meet your specific needs, the needs of your rangatahi, and the needs of your family.

Structure your coaching programme to suit your individual needs and share the sessions with family members.

Choose from:

10, 60-minute sessions. To be used over three months, ideal for short-term quick wins.

15, 60-minute sessions. To be used over six months, the place to start for long-term change.

25, 60-minute sessions. To be used over nine months, giving you time to cement those new habits and permanent changes.


All packages include:

  • Unlimited email access & private messenger chat with Melanie

  • Access to online courses – values, teenTalk, A2D Boot Camp


Everything you need for our sessions will be contained in one easy-to-access document, making it simple to track your changes.

You get to say what you need: 

Sessions just for you

Sessions for you and your tween, teen and adolescent

A blend

The challenges of raising tweens, teens and adolescents can be enormous. They’re going through change, and so are you … chances are high, their change is triggering things for you.

Be the parent who is prepared to do the work.

Inner work that empowers you to appreciate your individual worth, letting you tackle challenges as you deepen your relationship with yourself and the other important people in your life. Strengthen yourself as you:

  • Gain clarity

  • Reframe your thoughts

  • Add a fresh perspective

  • Learn new strategies to move forward

  • Set a goal and nail it

  • Work on your values

  • Tighten up your boundaries

  • Release the concerns that have been keeping you stuck.

  • Increase  your energy levels



Just wanted to drop you a line as we had a huge success with P. this morning using some techniques from your coaching.  We signed her up for tennis lessons and this morning she was really anxious, tearful, catastrophising, the usual works.  I used the empowering language you suggested re choosing something to help and she chose to go and play piano.  We then worked on a simple phrase she could repeat alongside the breathing she usually uses of “I’m feeling a bit nervous to try something new but I may feel really proud of myself after”.  She chose her morning chores as the things to be more in her body than her head.  There was a complete change in her disposition and alongside the nervousness she was able to feel excitement before we arrived.  She stood next to me instead of hiding behind me and she initiated me leaving herself.  Once I hoped back in the car and drove away I had some tears of happiness and pride which is such a contrast to the way I often feel going through these things.  

Laura B.