Powerful Parenting

A one year commitment to your parenting and personal growth

The way in which you have been showing up in the world is a powerful model for your tweens, teens and adolescents.

Parental anxiety is a model for your child. So is giving in, taking the option of easy and overworking, because “No one else will do it” … sound familiar?

When you are ready for change, consider the role of connection. 

Just like a strong rope, these strands intertwine to create a strong, robust connection: a connection that nourishes the people who hold the ends.

1. Physical – hugs, loving touches, shared nutritious food, movement, physical presence.

2. Mental – thoughts, feelings, and emotions are expressed, listened to, and accepted in their present context with understanding and love. The rule for everyone is, “It is safe to express how I feel.”

3. Places – physical connections to important places are reinforced and created over the years. The memories of being together in these places are referred to with love and tender care. 

4. Family – connections are enriched by the influences of the wider family and positive relationships that nurture and support each other. Our ropes become part of a bigger net that provides balance and perspective. 

5. Spiritual – there is an underlying and acknowledged connection to something unseen that touches us all. As within, so without. As above, so below. 

One year spent creating new parental skills will lead to many years of enjoying the benefits of those skills. Not just with your children, these skills ripple into your closest relationships and the way in which you show up in the world. 

This is a commitment to long-term, total change that lasts.

After all, your rangatahi are growing.

Why don’t you grow too?

We work at a level far deeper than the surface.

It will no longer be about pushing your rangatahi to the success you want for them.

Instead, it’s about pushing yourself to use the tools that give you success and empowering you to guide them to their success.

Pay Monthly


Participate in the topics you feel best serve you and your rangatahi

Be part of a supportive and caring community of proactive parents

Share your learning experiences

Access the private Facebook group to get expert attention on the teenage problems happening at your place

Pay Annually

Grow in your awareness

Deepen your understanding

Add to your knowledge

Enhance your family’s well-being as you grow in wisdom

Participate in the private Facebook community

Enjoy the expert knowledge shared by visiting experts

Use the challenges of the adolescent years to grow as a parent and as a person

Powerful Parenting is currently closed for new members and will reopen in 2024.

Powerful Parenting is group-based coaching that acknowledges the importance of social networks and relationships when it comes to creating change. 

Powerful Parenting is for you if you value:

smile Trusting Relationships

smile New Friendships

smile A safe, supportive place to share

smile Time and space to practice and reflect on new skills

smile A sense of belonging

What a lovely challenging and transforming experience it has been!


Your work is so valuable to so many, some just dont know it yet.