Our values are the beliefs we hold dear. They are things we think are important and worthwhile.

They guide the decisions we make, both daily and long term. 

Values govern our reactions, our responses, our habits, and our view of the world. 

We will always work towards our values 





and actions 

all line up with our values. 

So knowing our values – the beliefs that drive us – is important. Incredibly important.

The values we hold affect the way we parent our rangatahi 

When there’s pushback from our teenagers we always come back to our values. What we think is right or wrong is the place we will parent from. 

Those times when we sit in judgement on how our partner parents, that’s our values talking. 

Knowing our values – at least the top three – is like having a shortcut to your brain. Knowing where you are coming from puts you in a place of strength because …

you know what to believe AND you know why you believe it. 

This is the difference between being a reactive parent and a proactive parent. 

Parenting to your values puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to being the parent who makes a difference in the lives of their rangatahi. 

And every rangatahi needs that. 

I offer an online values course that you can use both for yourself and with your rangatahi. An open discussion about values is a brilliant way to align your family and can make all the difference in the world for a teenager who is wanting to find out more about how they tick.