A message to parents: you will be having big feelings – yours and the feelings you have on behalf of your children. 

Feelings affect your energy. When I’m overloaded with big feelings, my energy slows down. I get sluggish, lethargic and I simply can’t be as present for my whānau as I’d like to be.  

It’s like going for a swim and all of a sudden there’s an enormous wave. It’s suddenly popped up in front of you and it’s going to take you down. All it’s energy is coming for you. The safest thing to do is to duck into it. Right at the base. It’s less turbulent there, you let the wave wash over you and you pop up on the other side. 

Moving your energy means working with your feelings. Being aware of your feelings in the moment, as they come up. And being intentional about how you let them affect you. 

When my energy is low, I take notice. I look inside myself. And I name how I’m feeling.

To do this effectively, I have to be still. I need a few minutes. Practice with me now.

Sit or lie down. Close your eyes. Take 3 deep, slow breaths. Breaths that make your tummy rise and fall. 

Keep your eyes closed and go inside your body. Feel where your feelings are. Direct your attention to the strongest place. Breathe into your body for a few breaths. Acknowledge your feelings and keep your attention on them. Ask your feelings for messages.

Thank your feelings. Breathe back into your tummy.

Check in on your energy. 

You will notice you are on an even keel. The big feelings will have moved on. Use your energy as appropriate. If it’s a low energy day do things that nourish you and your family. And be okay with where you’re at. The feelings will pass, and they’ll pass quicker when they know you’ve heard their messages.

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