Getting to the heart of the matter

Workshops for Employers and Schools who want to be the Difference in the Communities they Serve

It’s no secret New Zealand is facing a youth mental health crisis

Anxiety and depression are on the rise amongst teens, and New Zealand’s shocking youth suicide statistics are among the highest in the OECD.  And lockdown isn’t helping. Anxiety statistics for our rangatahi are the highest we’ve ever known.

The good news is that there is A LOT that employers, parents and schools can do to help.

These workshops have been designed to give employers and parents knowledge and insight into the best way to communicate with their rangatahi.


If the way in which your parents are communicating with their teens isn’t working, it’s time to change it up. And I’ve got the tools to show your parents how to do just that.

It’s not worth using the same strategies they know don’t work, they will only dig the hole deeper. Instead I teach them to make little tweaks to the way they communicate with their teens that really do work.

Imagine having adolescents to teach who have parents that know how to listen to them… Imagine how different it would feel teaching a class of students who are equipped with the skills of active listening and conflict resolution, skills they had seen modelled by their parents.

Workshop topics for parents are:

Should I be worried?

How to walk that fine line between recognising the signs of anxiety and depression and ‘normal’ teenage behaviour.

Roadblocks to Communication

Recognising the 18 roadblocks to communication we often revert to under times of stress. We look at how they fit into the Karpman Drama Triangle, and how we can flip this triangle on its head.

This workshops grows parental awareness, allowing them to create a new, empowering dynamic in their relationships.


Workshops for Staff


I understand 100% what it feels like to be running a busy classroom. 

In this workshop I will cover how to keep an eye out for ‘red flags,’ those subtle warning signs of anxiety and depression that leave tell tale clues when you know what to look for. 


Beautiful Conversations is a registered service provider for both Activate Tāmaki Makaurau and Regional Business Partner Network. Funding is available for these workshops.

A Full or half-day individualised, interactive training session to workshop the challenges of employing adolescents and young adults and harnessing their potential.

No more:

  • lost hours of productivity

  • scrambling at the last minute for a replacement because they rang in ‘sick’

  • training them just to have them leave

  • showing up to work late

  • turning up but doing such a poor job they may as well have stayed home

Discover how Beautiful Conversations can assist you.

Melanie’s lunchtime lectures at the Women’s Centre have been engaging and full of great tips and information for parents.  The women who attended left feeling better resourced to support their children even at the most challenging of times.  

Melanie is a fantastic presenter who shares her own experiences along with a range of sources of information to offer genuine support and encouragement to everyone who attends.
Melanie’s lunchtime presentations at the Women’s Centre have been popular as parents who feel like they don’t know where to turn next suddenly have an option.  Melanie shares a great deal of information, empathy and encouragement with everyone who attends her presentations and parents leave feeling they have some strategies to try and some hope for the future.
Bridget Farmiloe

Course Co-ordinator, Rodney Women's Centre

Thank you for your presentation on Monday night.
I spoke to some of the attendees after the presentation and they said that they intended to use some of the strategies that you explained, also generally they found the presentation informative and that they appreciated your enthusiasm and your passion for wanting to support them as parents to feel empowered to support their anxious teenagers. One parent said they appreciated the booklet, which would be a good reminder to them of the presentation and some of the stress breakers like power pose.
Once again thank you for supporting our parents in their quest to help their young people to be resilient and anxiety free.
Chris Byars

School Counsellor, Rodney College

I totally recommend considering Beautiful Conversations to people wanting to up-skill when communicating and connecting with their teens and other important people in their lives. Melanie is upbeat, insightful and compassionate, while also clear, calm and relaxed. She provided an atmosphere of trust and companionship which allowed our small group to easily share and explore feelings and ideas. I felt fully supported and through the regular sessions developed new insights into the thoughts and feelings behind my behaviour, together with practical tools for parenting with confidence that I'm heading in the right direction, that little by little change can start to happen and new habits can be formed. Loved it!

Tracy R