Google defines responsibility as, “the state of being accountable for or to blame for something that you are required or expected to do.”

When you’re a parent this is enormous. You are required to be accountable for soooooo much!

It’s hardly surprising that life, at times, can be overwhelming. We have so much on our responsibility radars. 

It’s easy to see how easily our sense of self diminishes as we step into being everything for everyone. 

We’re doing ourselves no favours though.

When we are responsible for ourselves, we show up as wholly different human beings.  A parent who:

  1. Gets enough sleep
  2. Has eaten properly
  3. Is hydrated
  4. Avoids excessive or regular alcohol consumption
  5. Exercises daily
  6. Spends time outside topping up their vitamin levels from sunshine

Is a parent with a significantly higher chance of juggling those balls of responsibilities. 

Have a look at these six items: they are the basis of being a healthy, whole human. 

And the basis of being an effective parent. 

Effective parenting begins with a commitment to show up for ourselves. This means the practices above are non-negotiable. 

It’s on us to make them happen. 

There are many families in which this doesn’t happen. Families in which the daily juggle of responsibilities is balanced on an overwhelmed parent. 

And it shows.

Yes, life is busy. But is it worth the price of:

  • Frazzled parents?
  • Insecure kids?
  • Anxious teenagers?
  • Unstable relationships?

Stop. Take a deep breath. And know the power to change begins with you. 

Your well-being is your responsibility. 

When you’re ready to start, use this link to take your next step.