2021 in New Zealand has been a disruptive school year for everyone. Encourage your teens to stay in a school routine and to continue to try their best. Sound academic habits and attitudes are worthy or fostering for success – whether that’s now, or slightly deferred by the current pandemic.  

When it comes to your teens and school, exams and achievement, study leave and exams don’t have to be a drag. Support your teenagers with these tips and they’ll remember feeling as ready and prepared as they possibly could.

  • Understand This Statement: Their results are their results

Be ready to support them as much as they’ll let you, not as much as you’d like to. This is huge. They know you want the best for them, now let them find it themselves. Back away. 

  • Teach Goal Setting

Do they (and you) know what they want, and why they’re studying so hard?

Having a why helps.

  • Teach Your Teen How to Make a Study Timetable

This is a skill that will serve them well throughout their lives. 

Teach your teenager how to prioritise from their why, how to structure chunks of time for maximum effect, and (equally as important) how to rest for maximum achievement.

  •  Separate Their Results From Them as a Person

They are not the sum of their results. Academic success is a small part of who they are as a person. Value those other bits as much as you value academic success, if not more. Like and value their ability to make a mean pasta, or to be responsible for their belongs, or to help out when asked.

  •  Be Encouraging

They will remember how you made them feel. Put yourself in their shoes and be empathetic.  I don’t remember enjoying exams – they were simply something to be got through. Provide appropriate support and be celebratory when they get through another bit of something tough.

  • Provide Nutrient Rich Food

And plenty of it. I’m always amazed at how much food my teens can put away when they’re in study mode.  Think past meals and get into healthy snack mode too.

  •   Use Aromatherapy

Sneaky Parenting #101, they can’t help but smell.

Focus – lemon, and rosemary

Mid-afternoon – Peppermint

Relaxing –  Lavender

  • Prioritise Their Sleep

Adolescents need 8 –  10 hours of quality sleep every, single night. Talk about, and model excellent sleep hygiene with them.

  •  Get  Daily Exercise

Our bodies are made to move. A 5-minute juggling break every hour can do wonders for mood,  concentration levels, and study attitude.

  •  We Need Sunlight Every Day

Our brains won’t reset as effectively without this daily dose of vitamin D. You can double up here by encouraging them to move outside on a sunny day.  Over the course of a day, we need at least 20 minutes of sunlight (without sunglasses) and an hour if it’s gloomy. The good news is, this can be achieved in 5-minute blocks and doesn’t need to be all at once.

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