How often do you say, “I’ll have both thanks, and this is how I feel about it.”

Instead it’s usually a choice of either-or. It’s this or that, it’s one or the other. And who was ever told, “You can’t have both.” Those words echo from my childhood.

To that I say, “why not?” (and I’m not talking about eating the last biscuits in the packet here). Let’s apply this to our lives.

Think how expansive the world would be if we started living from a place of both-and. It’s not greedy, it’s creative. I see no reason why I can’t have two ways of earning a living. Or choosing two pieces of fruit to eat. What’s the problem with having more than one friend? Or being a working mum AND enjoying downtime on the weekend.

Yes please, I’ll have them both AND I’ll enjoy them equally. Like a bit more of both? Work with Melanie and find out how.