A timeless, age-old question to ask yourself: what do I really want? And why? 

Let’s put this deep philosophical question into the context of a family holiday. What do you really want? And more importantly, why? 

Share this question with your adolescents and see what their responses are: you may get a trip to Disneyland because it looks really cool or you may get some deeper answers to your question.

I asked in my house and the replies were unanimous: we want to go on a holiday that is by a beach so we can enjoy the beach, and we want to go together so we can enjoy each other. And we’re taking a sharp knife so we can make guacamole! And can we bring a friend?

Fair enough 😊

My adolescents are all craving a destination they love – the beach. And they are looking for connection. With each other and bringing a friend each to liven up the experience. Giving them friend time and family time all at once. 

Our list went:

✅ beach

✅ friend

✅ food

And our why:

❤️ connection

Our holidays give us the chance to relax, to enjoy each other’s company and to connect in a fuss-free way. Having a friend each coming along adds to the fun of a holiday as they get to go off and participate in their preferred beach activities independently and still keep the friend group connection going – without wifi. 

These times with our rangatahi are precious. They will be gone before we know it. So seize the opportunity holidays give us and, enjoy. 

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