We take holiday pictures to trigger and recreate the feelings that are involved as we remember and launch ourselves back into our memories. We have family kõrero about the holidays we’ve been on. And we appreciate the experiences we had as well as the people we connected with. 

And then we come home. And we get busy. And the memories fade. 

What if we could take holiday self home with us and keep her near?

Let’s do it.

Take a holiday memory. One that invokes the essence of your holiday, one that makes you feel relaxed and content and filled with love as you remember it. 


Breathe into that memory. A big breath in, a long slow breath out.

Picture the scene in your head, a bit like a moving picture.

Listen to the background sounds you heard at that exact moment.

Breathe slowly and deeply and inhale the scent of the scene.

Feel where your feet are standing in the scene.

Notice the feelings that have risen inside you.

Gently touch your thumb and little finger together on the hand you do NOT write with.

Breathe again, remember that moment, those feelings. And gently release your finger and thumb as you exhale.

Congratulations. You have just anchored that memory in your mind. 

The next time you want to invoke a visit from holiday self, simply be still, breathe deeply and touch your little finger and thumb together.