Take your time.

When life throws you lemons, and you’re picking them up  … Pause. Stop. Take a breath. And take your time. Stop and sort your lemons.

Some will be so shriveled and sour they won’t be worth juicing. So throw that pile away. 

The other lemons will be great. Lemons are delicious.  They smell so fresh. They are a gorgeous colour. Their sourness is refreshing. As you juice these lemons to make lemonade, enjoy the benefits they bring. Their sourness lets you think about sweetness by natural contrast. Their acidity clears out all the strong flavours on your palate and leaves you cleansed, ready to taste again.

Their fresh smell encourages you to breathe deeply and enjoy the scent.

And the vitamins you receive from lemons are enormously beneficial for your health. 

Take your time with the lemons.

Your teenager will bring you challenges. Some are going to affect you, but they don’t all have to. The challenges are not about you. The challenges are about how your teenager is managing in the world.

Instead of racing to each one and pushing through the difficulties, try responding by only choosing the ones you can affect. And then respond. Slowly. Deliberately. Carefully.

And be thankful for the challenge, because it’s brought you closer together. Lemons are good for you. 

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