Your teenager is having a hard time. You, their parent, have the power to make the difference. To be the person who does the thing that will impact their life for the better. 

I used to believe that the key to my daughter getting better lay with the doctor, or with CAMS, or with the school, or with her counsellor. Or maybe even with her friends? Yup, grasping at straws. And wrong on all counts.

The key to my daughter getting better lay with her, It was her choice to get better. And until she chose to be better, it simply would. Not. happen. 

My role in this? Where do I fit into the picture? I was the one who helped her turn the key. The one who made space for her to be unwell while she was getting better. 

It was me who held her hope when she couldn’t see it. I listened. I treated her with compassion. I expected and encouraged her to walk away from the suicidal voices. To believe in herself again. 

When your teen is experiencing anxiety and/or depression, it is tempting to join them. To feel powerless as they battle against the thought patterns inside their heads. Thought patterns they, or you, cannot see. 

What you do and say counts. Be the parent who stands up and makes a difference to your adolescent. 

You can choose to investigate the Anxiety 2 Depression Boot Camp. The online course that guides you to: 

  • Be informed
  • Be empowered
  • Walk beside your teenager as they recover

Just don’t leave them to struggle by themselves. 

In the Anxiety 2 Depression Boot Camp you will find every tool we used as I guided my daughter through her experience of suicidal levels of depression and anxiety. It’s an online course designed especially for parents of adolescents, all delivered to your computer in user friendly bites of information. 

Take me to the information page please!

Being committed to her wellness was my choice, and I’m so thankful I made it.