Frequently Asked Questions

Are your sessions in person or online?

Currently one to one and group sessions are online. When the vaccine mandate is lifted this will change.

All workshops are either at the place of work, or online depending on lockdown levels and travel restrictions

What brings clients to Beautiful Conversations?

A number of reasons. The most common ones are:

  • Desire for more insight into ways to understand and communicate with my teen daughter and two younger ones once they hit the teenage years.

  • Had been having a rough week with comms with the 15 yo boy in particular

  • Wanting to maintain a good relationship with my daughter aged 13

  • I have three teens and am pulling my hair out!

  • I really want to have a fantastic relationship with my kids

What changes do parents hope to get from working with Beautiful Conversations?

  • How to better my communication with loved ones and to foster meaningful relationships with my children

  • We have some difficult conversations pending, and this could force me to deal with them with guidance.

  • Knowing how to handle it on his quiet, moody days, how to show support w/o looking like helicopter mum

  • Strategies to open up conversation and be there for her in a way that is helpful and supportive

What do you mean by rangatahi?

‘Rangatahi’ is a Māori word that means ‘young person.’ As in, no longer a child but not yet an adult.  I really like this word because it feels so much more holistic than dividing our kids (and they’ll always be our kids no matter how old they are!) into categories such as tween, teen or adolescent. The work I do supports your parenting from the age of six right through to the age of 28.