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Anxiety to Depression: Boot Camp

The time between appointments feels so long.


Is there something you can say, or do, to help them?

Yes, there is. And the time to get started is NOW.

A2D Boot Camp

Discover the most effective ways to communicate with your rangatahi when they are experiencing anxiety and/or depression.

Move your relationship from surviving to thriving.

Using this difficult time in their lives as the catalyst for a strong, robust relationship moving forwards.


When we change, it affects everyone around us, especially our kids.

Handle whatever your teenager does

√   Listen so they talk to you.

√   Talk so they listen to you.

√   Create a relationship you love.

√   Handle what ever they throw at you.

√   Problem solve like a ninja.


Why your best intentions are just not working.

What to stop saying.

What to start saying.

How to listen AND understand.

How to state your position clearly and get your needs met.

The best way to work with your tween, teen or young adult as you successfully guide them through the challenging place they find themselves in.

How to look after yourself while you are looking after them.



Your new understandings.

Strengthen your strategies.

Talk with your tweens/teens/young adults.

Listen to their thoughts.

Reconnect with love and authenticity.

Guide them because they’ll ask you to.

Enjoy parenting.

Refer back to the online resource.


Wherever you are in your parenting journey, you want your kids to be happy.

It starts with you, because it only takes one person.

When the course is completed, you get to keep the online resource.

The price of NZ$ 449 includes one, 90-minute session with Melanie plus unlimited email and messenger support.

Are you ready to be the change you want to see in your family?

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I wanted to thank you for the wonderful workshop on Wednesday night. We have had a lot of feedback both from parents and teachers on how much they enjoyed this. They certainly got a lot of takeaways/tools to use when communicating with their tweens/teens 

Sharron Buer

Learning Support Co-ordinator, St Heliers School