The art of Lightening the Load

One thing I see in my work with parents, rangatahi, and families is the notion of being right and assigning blame. 

There’s always lots of judgement and plenty of finger-pointing.

And I’ll hear …

  • “It’s not fair,” 
  • “Poor me,” 
  • “We don’t deserve this.”

Some of the events they’re talking about, and remember, go back more than one generation.

That’s a long time to carry a burden. 

A lot of energy has been invested into carrying the burden. And a lot of stories have been told to support it. This energy impacts their thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. 

It’s energy that could be better used in the here and now; creating a life of their choosing. 

Imagine how it feels to bring out the family skeletons and dust them off. To acknowledge what happened. To mourn it if necessary. 

And then to move on. 

Without guilt. Without shame. Without blame. 

With a deeper understanding. With love. With compassion. 

For yourself. 

Forgiveness is not about agreeing that what happened to you is something you are ok with. 

Forgiveness is about choosing to not buy into how it makes you feel any longer.  

It’s about deciding to have a different response so YOU can have a new way forward.

What it really comes down to is, do you want to carry this backpack of rocks around? Or are you ready to put it down?

Make a conscious choice today to lighten your load. Connect here and discover your next step.