Now, is the time for the rangatahi to get their well-developed keyboard skills working for the better. They can do the research and find all the options. We’re more of a surf-orientated family so a bach by a beach with waves available at a time that suits us is the next item on our list. 

And the adolescents are on it. All of a sudden our house is filled with discussions, options and there’s even a list scrawled up on the fridge. I’ve challenged them all to find 3 destinations each and then we’ll talk. 

Excellent. This will make a lovely family discussion. And it gives them all a sense of buy-in as they contribute their ideas. Plus, the chance to model listening to each other and deciding together.  

Who knew a holiday would lead to so much learning? While I’ve set them a relatively straightforward challenge, they are all willing to contribute. 

Underneath the surface learning there’s plenty of learning happening:

✅ how to make your suggestions clearly

✅ how to listen to others

✅ how to prepare a proposal

✅ how to live with the disappointment of your choice not being number one

✅ how to negotiate

✅ how to work within a budget & a timeframe 

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