“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” These words were written by William Ross Wallace in 1865 praising motherhood as the main force to lead change in the world.

He observed that it is to our mothers we turn first. 

For the formative years of our lives, we are dependant on our mothers for nourishment, for safety, for love. This was their moment. One that can never be taken away from them. 

As it will never be taken from us. We are the person our children turned to first. For love, for nourishment, and for safety.

And it makes sense that we can provide love, nourishment, and safety when we have them to give. When we value ourselves for being the hand that rocks the cradle.

Knowing and understanding our self-worth doesn’t just happen by itself, on autopilot. It takes work. And the first piece of the work is understanding that being whole is an essential piece of being able to provide the love, nourishment, and safety our young people need. 

Check-in with yourself  – do you:

🌟 Value your role enough to value your worth? 

🌟 Know and understand your self-worth enough to keep it topped up? 

🌟 Make yourself a priority so you can be the person our families need us to be: strong, loving, gentle, patient, accepting? 

🌟 Model having self-worth in your life by giving to yourself first? 

When we are complete, we can give with love because our giving is coming from our overflow, not from our core.  

As our children grow, we are no longer that person for them. We move from being their everything into being their supporter, and their guide. Even as our role changes in many ways,  it does not mean we are any less valuable. 

Being the guide and model for our young people requires us to value our self-worth, even more. To walk our talk as we show, rather than tell, our values. Modeling our values by using them as boundary pegs. 

And being able to have the open and necessary discussions with our young people that will make all the difference in the world. 

We are important. We matter. Us being open, expansive, and claiming our power will change our lives and the lives of our families.  

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