Hinengaro, our mental health, covers our mind, thoughts, intellect, consciousness, and awareness. 

It’s the stuff that happens inside our heads.

We all know it’s important to have a healthy flow of healthy thoughts, and yet we often don’t pay attention to what’s happening inside our minds until something goes astray. 

Pity that. 

Is it just a human thing to do? 

We have these gorgeous bodies, complete with minds that are designed to function beautifully. All they require is a little maintenance and they’ll keep going for years. Serving us faithfully, guiding our lives, and requiring very little attention. 

Looking after our mental health and keeping our minds balanced and vital is important because they allow us to:

  1. Show up as decent human beings, doing great things in the world: kindness, compassion, and love have a much better chance of showing up as our default setting when we’re in charge of our minds.
  2. Get shit done, in the best possible way: with a minimum of fuss, a lack of procrastination, and in charge of where we’re headed. 

Everyone’s gotta want a bit more of that! 

And seriously, looking at the state of the world today … Everyone’s gotta do a bit more of that too. 

Look at any baby to know robust mental health is our default setting. A baby’s smile is infectious, they laugh with spontaneity and they find joy in the world around them. 

As we age, it appears to disappear … especially when we hit the teens. But we understand this is just a stage. 

As we hit our twenties and late adolescence, joy needs to return. 

From inside ourselves. 

Robust mental health doesn’t happen in a vacuum. 

And until we meet that challenge with love and compassion we’re going to spend a lot of time doing shit we don’t wanna do, and coping with that crap in ways we don’t wanna cope. 

So be a good human. We all need you. Whole. Complete. And ready to bring your best self fully to the world. 

Mentally well and balanced people make this world a better place. 

For those of you who are ready to step up your mental well-being, use this link today and find out how I can help you.